Audiense Tool Effective Ways to Get Maximum Results

Audiense Tool

Audiense tool is a great way to get super-specific data on your website’s performance. These tools can also help you determine what to focus on in improving your site’s performance. Auditing sites for readability, usability, and other performance issues is a great way to get insight into how your users view your content and how you can improve for future visits. That said, many articles’ audit tools have similar features or functions. So, in this article, we will discuss nine effective ways you can use the Audiense tool to get maximum results.

Audiense Tool

What is Audiense?

Audiense is a website audit tool that can help you understand how your site performs. It can help you figure out what to focus on in terms of improving your site’s performance. You can audit your website for readability, usability, design issues, and more. You can get information about your pages’ site structure, images, and layout. Audiense also calculates the loading time for each page on your site. Audiense works with over 5,000 websites, including Wikipedia, eBay, and ABC News. You can audit other websites with Audiense, including Apple, Walmart, Tumblr, Reddit, and more. The tool is mobile-friendly, too, so you can use it on your phone.

Check Site Speed By Audiense Tool

There are many ways to measure the speed of your site. You can use the Google Page Speed Insights tool to assess the load time. That, however, only gives you a global score. That score is based on the average load time across the world. So, if your website loads very fast in one part of the country, it might take a much longer time in another part of the country.

Using the Audiense tool, you can check the speed of your site in a specific geographical location. You can choose a country or city, and the tool will show you how your website performs in that area. You can also see how your site performs in different locations worldwide. Choosing a specific geographical location gives you a specific view of your site’s performance. You can also see how your site’s performance changes based on location.

Check Website Readability

Most people judge your website’s readability based on the readability of your written content. Unfortunately, your website’s readability is also affected by the design, layout, and structure of your site. For example, there are several reasons why a page might load slowly. Perhaps the images on the page take longer to load. Also, a page with many images or Flash content might slow the loading speed. The Audiense tool can help you check the readability of your site. It can tell you if your content is easy to read and if the writing is clear and concise. A website’s readability is affected by design issues such as font size, spacing, and the layout of images and paragraphs. You can check if your site is easy to read by using the Audiense readability tool.

HTML Code Audit

You often find that errors in the written content cause your website’s performance issues. For example, there could be spelling errors in the text, incorrect grammar, or poorly constructed sentences. You can use the Audiense tool for auditing your website’s written content. You can see if your content is error-free, whether there are any duplications in the text, and how readable the written content is. Audiense also allows you to check the cleanliness of the written content. The tool will show you if your text is free of errors, whether there are any duplications, and how the written content is readable.

Check JavaScript Code Via Audiense Tool

JavaScript code is one of the most important parts of your website’s performance. That’s because it enables several features on your site, including the pagination of your content, the proper functioning of your website, and AJAX requests for data. You can use the Audiense tool for auditing your JavaScript code. You can see any errors in your code or if the JavaScript is disabled. The JavaScript code audit can also tell you how fast your JavaScript executes. That’s because the Audiense tool calculates the script load time based on the location of the code on your website. This way, you can see how your JavaScript performs for different geographical locations.

Review User Reviews and Forums

There are two ways you can check how users are rating your content. First, you can see how many ratings your pages have on the Audiense platform. You can also see how many user reviews you’ve received on your site. If you have a product page on your website, you can also see the number of product ratings and reviews. You can also see how users in forums or online communities talk about your content. Moreover, you can do this by using the Audiense tool. You can see how many people are discussing your topic and find out if there are any common complaints or recommendations on your website.

Develop Content Strategy Before Publishing New Pages

The best way to understand how users will react to your content is to post content on your website and see how users react to it. You can’t do this if you’re designing new pages or articles. The Audiense platform allows you to test the content before you publish it on your website. It has interactive features, so you can see how users will react to your content. The best way to use these features is to open your pages in the Audiense platform, choose a page, and click on the “Audit” button. It will then load the tool for you. You can also open the Audiense website in desktop mode and click on the “Audit” icon in the top-right corner.

Check Sites by Category or Keyword

The key to successfully using the Audiense platform is choosing the right categories and keywords for your audit. You can also use the tool to see how your pages perform for a specific keyword or category. For example, let’s say you run an online store. Your pages can be placed under the following categories: – Keywords: products, products for sale, shopping, gadgets, clothing, fashion, and so on. You can also create custom categories.


  • Products for sale, shopping, gadgets, clothing, fashion, and so on. You can also create custom categories.

Audiense Tool Use Advanced Filters

Advanced filters are optional filters that can help you dig deeper into your website’s performance. They let you choose the most meaningful metrics for your website. For example, you can only show pages with a high load time. You can also choose only to show pages with many errors in the content or code. Audiense also has various tools to help you crawl your website, find broken links, and validate your website’s structure. The site also has detailed tutorials to help you learn how to use the tool.


The Audiense platform is an excellent resource for finding out what your readers think about your content. You can see how far your content is from perfect, and you can fix those issues before publishing new pages. Audiense is also an excellent tool for determining the load time for each page on your site. This can help you determine what areas of your site have poor performance and what to focus on improving.

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