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Best content writing tools

Best Content Writing Tools – Writing is one of the professional jobs that has seen a lot of demand recently. For business, writing is one of the most common ways that companies can use to brand their brand. By writing, companies can explain more about their products or services that are supported by a good visual. For example, you often find the website companies that have a blog section, or in the landing page that explain the products or services. Also, if you follow the company, you input your email there, you will get email promo from there. Because of them, the tools are useful to companies to achieve their goals. Have a look at the best content writing tools.


The best content writing tools


Professional writers need the tools for each step of the process when making the content. From research to editing to visuals, there are tools that help with each purpose. To maximize your content, these tools can be your references. For making you understand, this article will explain the best content writing tools and why using the tools is important for your content.

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Why are Content Writing Tools Important?

In this digital era, content is the king for introducing your brand. Especially when writing, either blog posts, website copy, or other writing content, using this way to tell the product to guide people to buy or at least have engaged. For sure, in this process, the companies will compete with competitors. Thus, tools can help to appear on the first page of a search engine that writers need.

Additionally, efficiency when processes create content can also be helped by the tools. Then, to make sure your content has a quality that deserves to compete with others, you can optimize it in SEO, including for grammar check, plagiarism, consistency, and analyzing content performance. 

Basically, get content with high quality and SEO-friendly, using these tools can help you effectively create it from the first step. For good quality content, you can check out the best content writing tools for research. Here are the recommendations the best content writing tools for research from Toolbert!


Why are content writing tools important


Any Recommendation Research Tools for Content Writing?

As a writer, making sure our content has high-quality content is a must. Before writing, writers need to research the basic elements to get good SEO. Here are some recommendation research tools that help you find keywords, which are key to each piece of content:


For the first, we recommend using the AnswerThePublic tool. This tool can help you get the insight you want to research. Furthermore, this tool organizes the topics that you search, such as where, what, and why. Apart from that, it can help you get suggested questions that you can use to subhead your content.


This one helps you with definitive solutions. SEMRush gives you detailed traffic from the volume, the benchmark, to the recommendation topic for your content. This tool is popular in the digital marketing area and can totally help increase your website. However, if you want to use these features on SEMRush, you need to subscribe to the package as you need it.

Google Search Console

The last one is the Google Search Console. The other SEO analysis tool that is useful for technical analysis and insight. Almost all features that you need for maximizing your content have them. Moreover, you can access all these only for free. Usually, beginners or small businesses use this for research tools.

Today, with the trend of AI, apparently, there are several AI tools that you can use to maximize your content. 


The best content writing tools that you must know


Which AI Tools is Best for Content Writing?

Since Artificial Intelligence (AI) has developed, there are a lot of tools that are useful to maximize the content. Even if you only put one sentence, AI can answer all that you want to know, including helping you make up sentences for content. Here are the AI tools that can help you:


Copy.AI is one of many AI tools that offers various features to assist with content creation and writing content in short or long-form. This AI tool can help you write full content with the keywords and language identity you wish. 


This tool helps you effortlessly create your content within mere seconds. Commonly, Rytr specializes in long-form content, such as blog posts, articles, and other.

Chat GPT

Lastly, the popular AI-performed that well for making content. This AI, generated for many writing endeavors. Actually, not only professional workers but also students use ChatGPT as well. It also makes this AI tool the fastest-growing user app in the world.


Best Content Writing Tools


FAQs Best Content Writing Tools

What tool can help me create catchy headlines?

Having catchy headlines can be a solution for getting interest from readers. But sometimes, writers feel stuck for content, and don’t know what to write for the headline. Just look for a Headline Analyzer to help you analyze headlines. Additionally, this tool can provide feedback on their effectiveness.

How can I write content faster?

For sure! You can try detailing a content strategy, from topic to audience. Then, outlining all the information you will use can be tidy. 

Can Grammarly detect AI writing?

Grammarly does not yet have features for detecting AI writing or writing that AI writing has been used. However if there are any tools that can detect plagiarism, reading level scores, and any other features, have a look at Originality.AI.

Can I use ChatGPT for content writing?

ChatGPT helps to get recommendation ideas, outline content quickly and efficiently. This tool can also help you produce high-quality content that engages and offers a lot of information for readers.

Which app is the best for learning content writing?

There are many options for apps for learning content writing, such as ProWritingAid, QuillBot, Thesaurus, and many more. Of course, you can use it as you need, so you don’t need to use all these.