Tools Recommendation: Best eCommerce Analytics Tools in 2024

best eCommerce analytics tools

Best eCommerce Analytics Tools – Have you thought about how to succeed in online business? What are the secrets people use to make their businesses successful? Be easy! There are a variety of ways that you can do it. However, the one thing that you must do to promote your business is analyze what your customers need. Consider using the best eCommerce analytics tools.

For the beginner, for sure you are curious about what eCommerce analytics tools are? What’s the effect when you use it? Then, any recommendations for it? Keep calm, because we will answer these questions in this article. Let’s go!

best ecommerce analytics tools

What are eCommerce Analytics Tools?

In business, for sure, you are familiar with strategies to improve each campaign plan, product, service, or customer experience. Before making the decision for them, there is data that is used as a reference for the next step. Usually, these data are already analyzed for their intended purpose. However, have you considered how to get the data? You need eCommerce analytics tools for it.

E-commerce analytics tools provide a large amount of data from your online store that includes all parts of the consumer journey. By using the tools, you can effectively see all customers’ behaviors, from their interest to the range price for the products or services.

Is there only one purpose to get the data? Do the tools offer any features? Well you have to know, if there are a lot of benefits that you get when using analytics tools for eCommerce. Moreover, by the data you will get a deep insight there. So, keep scrolling!

what are the benefits of analytics tools for eCommerce

What are the Benefits of Analytics Tools for eCommerce?

Every tool created certainly has a purpose, including analytic tools. Are you curious about any benefits of that tool? Well, for your information, let’s read here!

  • Optimize the conversion rate

The most important reason for getting data is because data can improve your conversion rate. Analyzing your data to know how many visitors visit your website, how satisfied you with your website, how long on average they spend surfing your website, and anything else. Understanding these insights deeply could potentially help your business have a great plan for the future.

However, how do you do that? For example, you know your business data about customer behavior. The basic ways that your team will do this are by analyzing the data and creating marketing funnel performance. These ways will help you get specific information that is surely different from that of your competitor. Additionally, with analytic data, your steps for testing marketing before sharing on your pages can easily be improved, such as with different copy, styles, and others.

  • Offer personal segments

In this step, the role of email and advertising is crucial. Why? Because you will do personal marketing directly to your customers. After getting the data, you will know what each customer wants. You can maximize it to give special offers based on what interests your business.

Then, by personal email, it also helps your customer have a high possibility of doing something, even if they will add products to the chart or order. In fact, according to one study, campaigns delivered to defined customer segments are an effective strategy for a 200% conversion increase.

  • Enhance the customer experience

The result of analyzing the data is that you can know the different sites of each customer. Maximizing your website, with recommended products based on their activity to scroll or even order. For information, this is also effective for a better experience for customers.

best ecommerce analytics tools

Are Top eCommerce Analytics Tools?

Have you started to be curious about the best eCommerce analytics tools? Did you realize that it is really important for your business? Here are some of the top eCommerce analytics tools that are recommended by Toolbert!

Analytics Tools: Google Analytics

First, we strat with the most popular and free tools for analyzing the data, which is Google Analytics. It is a feature that Google offers to eCommerce businesses that have advanced analytics. Additionally, this tool offers a wide variety of actionable insights that provide a great point for any eCommerce platform. This tool is always considered when you want to know your specific customers.

Analytics Tools: Kissmetrics

The next one is also a popular paid tool after Google Analytics, Kissmetrics. The advantage of this tool is discovering the average revenue of your customers per person. With this data, you can learn about individual behavior to improve your eCommerce strategies.

Then, you get the provision of software to optimize your email campaigns, test your marketing strategies, and primarily improve your website rate. This tool is a really incredible tool for your business.

ecomerce analytics tools

Analytics Tools: Hotjar

Hotjar is another innovation software that helps your business get insight about hot and cold spots from your website. This website helps your business based on user interaction by using heatmaps. Furthermore, the other thing that makes your business worth it is to use this tool because it creates real-time recordings of user activity.  

Analytics Tools:

This software is popular because it offers a large number of marketing channels that actually have around 10-25. However, packages its software to be easy to use. It provides for improving your business through comprehensive reports on your audience. Then, using the tool, you can see key performance indicators as well.

analytics tools that use for analyz ecommerce

A Common Question about Best eCommerce Analytics Tools

Are eCommerce analytics tools important?

Of course! As explained before, analytics tools help to get the data that businesses need for improving their strategy. Through analytics tools, businesses get the data that they want from customers effectively for planning the future strategy. Because of it, eCommerce analytics tools are important for developing your business.