Top 6 Best SEO Tools for The Small Businesses

Best SEO Tools for The Small Businesses

When we start our small business on the website, we need to rank up and make it successful we need some tools that make its progress and more traffic to it. If our business website is off the first page, we use some tools to publish it on the first page.

But It is prominent to know that your website won’t independently come into view at the top of search results. First, we need to demonstrate to Google that our business deserves the first page. 

We’ve made an SEO tools list for small businesses to analyse your website.

Google Analytics (GA)

Google Analytics is a plan of action that fetch data from your websites and apps to create reports that provide a vision of your business. In this tool, we see the requirements of the user and their interest in which kinds of things are in trends about our business, and then we select the keywords about our business website. With the help of it, we can check the traffic of our website and how many people are interested in our business. Google Analytics will help us to know how many people are engaged in it. Here is the pricing policy for Google Analytics 

There are 2 (GA) pricing plans: free and paid. The free plan offers conversion reporting, extra partitions, user reporting, real-time opinions, movement purposes, and others. The paid plan (GA 360) goes for $12,500 per month or $150,000 per year.

Google Search Console (GSC)

With the help of these tools, we observe our Web site and complete checks and balances on it. It helps us to maintain, monitor and restart our site. According to the current Google searches, the pricing policy for GSC is free of cost because Google provides this service.


SEMRUSH is an SEO tool used all in one tool. This tool is used for searching, maintenance key words finding, etc. The primary feathers of SEMRUSH are discovering competitors and ranking details. The following is the pricing policy for SEMRUSH. 

  • Monthly pro— $119.95.
  • Month GURU — $229.95.
  • Monthly business— $449.95.
  • But some of its basic features are provided for free.

Keyword Planner

Keyword planners use to help us to find new words that we can use for our small business. Because when we use old words for our business, it does not help us to maintain progress, so we need some uniqueness. This SEO Tool is free of cost. But It is very useful. Because when we use it for our business, keyword Planner provides us the words to summarize our whole business in a single word. 

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Ahrefs is the best SEO tool used to see the traffic on the website and search Quantities about the competitors who compete with us in the field of our small businesses. We can use it free of cost (shortly SEMRUSH AND Ahrefs are the same workings in SEO)

Google Trends is SEO Tool for our small businesses. In this, we see about the Google trends that search on Google. Here we can see what kinds of businesses are searched on Google. And we use these tools to check trends. And then select our small business. It is a free tool from Google called Google Trends.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is an SEO tool. It is easy to use to make our business profile to communicate with the clients or customers. With the help of it, we elaborate our business. In this, we can define our business, and here is complete business info. (in short, it is a website that we use to spread our business details and info)


SEO tools for small businesses are really important because we need them to make progress in the business. With the help of these tools, we organically make traffic on our website pages. In short, small business is only complete with these SEO tools. Small businesses that cannot run and make progress are not using these tools for SEO of business websites.