How To Use The BuzzSumo Tool For Marketing

How To Use The BuzzSumo Tool

The buzz is real when it comes to content marketing. So much so that Google released a new algorithm that favors content sites over others in search results. With the growing amount of digital content, consumers have access to it daily. The demand for authentic, relevant, insightful content has never been higher. Content marketing is one of the best ways businesses can turn their brand into something users want to read, see and share. But how does one get started with this seemingly overwhelming new online world? Whether you’re just getting your feet wet or are ready to go viral. We’ve got you covered with these tips on how to use the BuzzSumo tool for content & social media marketing.

What is Content & Social Media Marketing?

Social media is the new frontier for content marketing. It’s where consumers go to find and interact with brands. It’s also the best way to build a community of loyal followers around your business. Done right, it’s incredibly effective, which is why more and more companies are investing in it. There are a few different ways to create content for social media. The first is to create content specifically for social media. Instagram stories, Snapchat lenses, and Twitter ads are all examples of this.

You’re only creating content for social media, so you’re not using any of your other channels. You’re solely focusing on this one channel, so you get to focus on the content itself and not how it looks or how it fits into your existing content strategy. Another type of content is cross-platform content used for social media. You’re creating content that you also use for your other channels to drive engagement and traffic. You can create blog posts you publish on your website and your social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. You can also create YouTube videos that you post to your other channels.

How to Use the BuzzSumo Tool for Content & SMM

The BuzzSumo tool is a content analysis tool that helps you determine how much attention a piece of content is getting online. You enter the URL of the piece of content you’re analyzing, and the tool will show you how many online mentions it’s getting and how many social shares it’s getting. However, you can use this information to see how you stack up against your competitors. You can also use this data to determine which pieces of content are getting the most attention and use that data to create even better new pieces.

Features Of BuzzSumo Tool

Why Use It? Get Winning Content Tips From Your Competitors

Businesses are still relying on free content they can find online to advertise their brand and increase awareness. Using the BuzzSumo tool, you can review how other businesses are getting attention and then use your insights to create better content than theirs. You’ll steal away their customers if yours is better than theirs.

Creating Content For Existing Reports Is Also Important

So many businesses rely on creating digital products like eBooks or reports to send out to their lists or drive traffic and awareness for conversions, services, etc. But you also need to look at other businesses and showcase what they’re doing as content that you promote your business with to show why yours is better.

BuzzSumo lets you see what makes for good content people consider worthwhile reading. This information helps you create even more winning pieces everybody loves. You’ll get the jump on everybody else looking for similar content.

When BuzzSumo updates its platform with more features, be sure to check them all out. You’ll find it beneficial to your business automatically, especially if you connect it with your digital marketing tool platforms like:

  1. Google Analytics
  2.  HootSuite
  3.  Buffer

Of course don’t neglect your time-tested content posting schedule template you used yesterday so that you have something to pitch. If you contact reporters looking for interest in the “latest trends” for stories — pre-made content before anything fake or sketchy is thought up by some desperate creative — and customized reports from other professionals,s you can post in your BuzzSumo dashboard that highlight what makes yours better than theirs. It’s a great way to connect too. Another cool thing about accommodating the rules the media uses today is that it pays off in more search-ranking juice. When somebody writes about the good stuff YOUR brand can do for XYZ industry, it leads YOU prospects to want to give you more money to use your brand.

Why is Content so Important in Marketing?

Creating and sharing good content is important in marketing because it can help build your brand as a thought leader in your industry. In social media marketing, you want to establish yourself as an authority within your niche. It can create a sense of trust and authority around your brand. Good content is a way to do this because it helps you establish your brand as someone who knows a lot about your industry and can help readers solve problems through their industries. Leveraging your brand by sharing good content can help you grow your following and boost engagement.

How to Use The BuzzSumo Tool for Finding Influencers in Your Field

You can use the BuzzSumo tool to find influencers in your niche who are sharing your content. First, you want to find relevant influencers in your niche, or you can use BuzzSumo’s algorithm to create a list for you. Next, you want to find their links and follow their content. You can do this through BuzzSumo or by looking at the links and finding the ones that lead to your content.

However, you can then use BuzzSumo to see how many times the influencer has shared your content. You can then use this data to see which pieces of your content the influencer shares. You can use that data to create even better content. If you’re new to content marketing, you may want to look for other ways to boost your content besides finding new, relevant ways to share your content. For example, you can try rewriting your content.

Which Brands Are Using Influencer Marketing?

If you want to start creating and sharing content, you can always start by creating content for your brand once you’ve got some content and are ready to share it with the world. You look to other brands as examples of great content. Many brands are turning to influencer marketing and creating content with influencers because it’s one of the most effective ways to boost brand awareness and drive sales.


Content marketing is one of the hottest trends in business today. So much so that Google announced a major algorithm change that favors content sites in search results over others. Content is one of the best methods for companies to make their brands more popular. It is also an excellent way to attract visitors. We have compiled some pointers to help you begin content & social media marketing using the BuzzSumo tool.

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