Top 20 online tools for teaching

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Virtual learning resources have reinvented how instructors teach in recent years. These resources not only make it easier to create lesson plans, but they also encourage social participation and interaction between your students.

Technology for distance learning is developing quickly and enables instructors like you to deliver quality online instruction. These  online tools make it simple to maintain contact with your students, develop interesting lessons, and design safe campuses.Whatever subject you’re teaching, there are a variety of tools available to meet your specific requirements.

Fortunately, there are plenty of internet resources that can make this move simpler and more seamless. Twenty of the top online teaching resources, from e-learning to online tests and beyond, will be discussed in this blog post. These technologies can facilitate your work and assist your students in making the most of their time at home, whether you are a full-time educator or simply need some extra support with e – learning.

Virtual education

Teachers can use a variety of practical software packages and online learning environments as virtual learning tools. Learning can be effective and entertaining everywhere thanks to online tools like Duolingo and learning platforms like Zoom or Google Classroom.Each one can improve learning especially. Each tool makes learning simple and enjoyable for both faculty and students.

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Best online tools 

Following are the top most online tools for teachers as well as students are discussed below.


A online tool for making interactive displays is called Prezi. According to their research, Prezi’s novel zooming feature makes presentations you create with it more compelling, effective, and interesting than presentations you create with PowerPoint. We strongly advise that you test out the software and show it to your pupils if you are still unsure of what it is capable of. Who knows, maybe this will be one of the classroom online tools that helps you keep the kids’ interest.

Haiku Deck

A web-based tool that makes it simple to create presentations for use on the web, iPad, and iPhone. You can make image-based slides using the tool’s vast catalogue of stock pictures, which is available online. With Haiku Deck, it’s simple to prepare lectures on the move and carry them around in your pocket. Moreover, Haiku Deck can be combined with Google Classroom, which has recently gained a lot of popularity.


Zoom became well known during the epidemic of its adaptability as a seminar system and presentation tool while learners were taking classes online. Because of its security features, live video class possibilities, and chat feature for social engagement, Zoom is a useful tool for distant learning..


Teachers can create gorgeous, expert-quality presentations, posters, graphs, social networking banners, films, Zoom virtual backgrounds, and more with Canva’s online graphic and publication tool. Register for the free account or purchase one of their plans geared towards teachers and students.

Deck Pear

Pear Deck is a Google Slide add-on that encourages student engagement and assists teachers in creating interesting slides. Teachers can make both original presentations and presentations that already have interactive questions.

Pear Deck includes some incredible features, such as a dashboard that can be accessed on a phone or tablet, the option to show or hide student answers, the ability to send personalised notes to individual learners, and the ability to add entertaining audio files to lectures.

Microsoft Teams

They gather the best of different worlds under one roof with Microsoft Teams. Via video conferencing, you can hold presentations, facilitate chatting, share your displays or notes, and bring everybody together.


Although primarily designed for schoolchildren, anyone of any age can use Scratch. Students can produce interesting projects with this digital tool, including games, animations, interactive art, storytelling, and more. Scratch is undoubtedly one of the online tools for the classroom that you need to present to your pupils if they are interested in creating programmes. The children would have a head start on thinking creatively and innovatively thanks to this curriculum. If you’re unsure of how to start, consider using.

Online Whiteboards.

Online or digital whiteboards assist in simulating the whiteboard/blackboard experience in the classroom for the pupils. For constructing various forms of diagrams, charts, and graphs as well as for other visualisation applications, the majority of these programmes provide an endless canvas with shape libraries (i.e. creating posters, graphic organizers, etc.).

Creately is frequently used by teachers for a range of activities:

  • As an interactive whiteboard where professors and students can work together to visualise ideas, concepts, etc. on the same canvas. In addition, teachers and students can communicate via in-app video conferencing and follow one another’s edits with real-time mouse tracking and edit previews.
  • Design various diagrams and graphics (such as graphic organisers, instructional content, and dichotomy key diagrams) as needed for lectures, lessons, projects, etc.


Buncee makes it simple to produce engaging course materials for students. Using templates from Buncee’s Ideas Lab, add content, classes, and a variety of configurable virtual school activities. Link exchanges, downloading data, and group projects between students and educators are simple processes.Microsoft Teams make it simple to start conversations, share information, and connect with children and their parents by providing access to the Buncee portal.


Bloomz is a centralised platform that does away with the need for numerous apps and security worries. Teachers may communicate, plan, and maintain contact with kids and parents using Bloomz. You can converse and share information with ease because parents and teachers won’t need to open and close a number of apps.


Slack combines communication and organisation into a single platform. It is simple for professors to send out pertinent class information, communicate with learners one-on-one or in groups, and file course content pertaining to certain topics. Slack encourages participation and engagement in online learning among students.


The online gaming quizzes from Kahoot! were more well-liked among students and educators throughout the pandemic. Youngsters can create their own games or choose from a huge selection in the Kahoot library. !’s

Students can complete Kahoot! tasks beyond the classroom with the help of their teachers. Kahoot! challenges link with Online Classes and make it simple to log missed questionnaire and scores in order to assist teachers identify which students would benefit from additional instruction.

Explain Everything in a virtual environment revolves around interaction. By enabling collaboration between students and teachers on a smart board, these online tools promote group activities. Further important apps that can be integrated with this programme include Dropbox, Evernote, GDrive, OneDrive, and Coursework.


Glogster is one of the incredible digital tools for the classroom that encourages students to study via the use of visual material. Using this programme, you may combine textual content, images, and videos to create multimodal posters. The works, known as glogs, are kept in a unique library called Glogpedia. This application, which has more than 40.000 different glogs on a range of themes and subjects, can serve as one of your most reliable resources for successfully teaching kids.


The Edmodo Education Network is open to teachers, students, and parents. You get access to a lot of online tools and a virtual classroom through Edmodo. As it initially appears to be quite similar to the social media platforms we are familiar with, you will have no trouble figuring out how to join individuals and communities and interact with other users on the network. Using Edmodo, you may set up a virtual classroom to which you can join your classmates and even begin distributing homework.


Schoology A free education management system called Schoology gives teachers the ability to create and share resources, give tests, track student performance, and more.. You may much more simply arrange content, include visuals in assignment descriptions, record audio or video on the network, have a grade book, establish completion conditions, and do many other things.


Piktochart is a fantastic digital tool that both teachers and students may use for a variety of educational objectives. You may make infographics, seminars, posters, and other visual products using this application. You and your pupils fit into the group where they provide specific plans for educational teams of more than 25 people,You and your pupils fit into the group where they provide specific plans for educational teams of more than 25 people,

You should absolutely include video in your lessons because it is one of the most captivating mediums in contemporary culture. One of the online classroom resources is Animoto, which may be utilised for instructional reasons by both teachers and students. You can quickly make animated videos about Animoto. You may make photo slideshows, combine different films, add text, and more images to produce a final video that is genuinely compelling.

ProProfs Test Generator

One of the most well-liked and safe teaching resources accessible today is ProProfs Quiz Creator. It is the greatest quiz creation software available and gives teachers access to a number of online teaching options. You can design safe online tests, quizzes, and examinations for your students to take, and you can assign them using virtual classrooms.

It is a functionality test builder and exam creator with over 100 settings, including automatic grading, clever security settings, and effective anti-cheating features like randomising questions and answers, topic pooling, preventing tab shifting, and more.


Trello is an online tools for communication that enables users to arrange projects on online boards. On virtual boards, users can categorise their jobs into several groups, such as what is being focused on, who is working about what, and where it is in a process.

Trello is one of the main tools for instructors, since it resembles a whiteboard with post-it notes in a visual way. This platform allows teachers to organise their classes, collaborate with other teachers, and design courses.


Habyts Was developed by a mother who is aware of the importance of limiting the amount of time children spend on social media. This technology gives teachers control over students’ screen usage, ensuring that they remain engaged and motivated.Habyts encourages kids’ engaging activities and learning while assisting educators and parents in limiting too much screen usage.


There is no justification for opposing this tendency because the computer is a friend of education. On the contrary, using digital technologies in the classroom makes you a strong school leader who encourages innovation. So, in 2023, these were the top educational software programmes. After all, the best online tools are those that make your life easier and improve the precision and efficiency of your work.

Frequently ask questions

Q1: What is the most effective digital teaching tool?

One of the largest online tools, Google Classroom, provides a cloud-based learning environment for online learning for students in pre-K through college. Teachers as files can turn assignments in.

Q2: What are digital educational and learning tools?

Digital learning tools are a broad category of software, websites, and similar technologies that connect pupils, teachers, and occasionally even parents to aid learning. Both educators and students can benefit from digital learning tools to help in teaching, learning, and communication.

Q3: What do you mean by “digital tools”?

Computer, mobile, and other digital device software, programmes, apps, platforms, and (online or offline) services that combine text, audio, and visual inputs.

Q4:Does PowerPoint count as a digital tool?

Creating educational materials for the virtual classroom using PowerPoint. Office 365 includes the PowerPoint presentation software for slideshows. Since practically every employee of the academic institution is familiar with this instrument, they widely used it in education.

Q5. How do online tools benefit both students and teachers?

According to studies, live polls tools, online forums, and videos are all effective ways to engage students and assist their comprehension. They have shown live polling technologies to boost engagement and focus.

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