Top 5 Customer Experience Analytics Tools in 2024

customer experience analytics tools

Customer Experience Analytics Tools – Did you know, guys, that nowadays many businesses use customer experience analytics tools as a key to their marketing strategy? Actually, this one helps a lot to touch on the point behind millions of conversations across multiple platforms.

Basically, a customer experience tool, also known as CX, is software that provides data on customers’ feedback. Usually, this tool can be used to help the marketing team optimize strategy for sales, marketing, and customer retention rates. Additionally, it also provides complete monitoring, measurement, and reporting, so that by doing it, companies can be more serious about giving the customers the best experience.

There are a lot of customer experience analytics tools that you can use. However, in this article, you will get information about which software offers the best experience for you to explore. According to unique features that can be optimal for your business, let’s check on the next part!


customer experience analytics tools


Zendesk Benefits for CX

Let’s start with a popular CX tool that has many impressive features, Zendesk. This tool provides a customer solution that’s easy to use and scales your business. And using this tool can also enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams. Take a look at the demo.

Zendesk helps your business meet customers where they are. This way, it also opens a big opportunity for your business across any channel. Not only that, they implement new solutions quickly and add features as you go, while controlling your total cost.

Using Zendesk for your customer experience analytics tool can be worth it for your business. This number-one software services over 100,000 businesses and sets your teams up for success and a satisfying experience.


customer experience analytics tools: hubspot


Hubspot Service Hub Features

Are you looking for tools that connect with native CRM platforms? Try to use HubSpot! The standout feature of this tool is that it combines a ticketing system, customer service analytics, and knowledge base publishing tools. Moreover, connected to its native CRM platform, this tool provides access to customer data information.

Then, for those who are looking for analytics tools that offer packages only for several features, HubSpot gives them to you. There you will find three kinds of packages that you can choose from as you need. There are starter plans, professional plans, and enterprise plans. As an example, if you need information about feedback from your customers for better service, you can choose the professional plan for it.

For your information, HubSpot also provides several features that you can use for free, such as shared inboxes and email tracking.


customer experience analytics tools: adobe experience


Adobe Experience Manager App

For users of Adobe Experience Cloud, surely you are not familiar with this tool. Adobe Experience Manager is a product of Adobe Experience Cloud that provides customer experience solutions. Providing personalized experiences, this tool is a combination of a content management system and digital asset management tools.

The feature of this tool is testing the success of variant content and using the insight for future interactions. The reason that this tool is worth using is that the Adobe Experience Manager App contains AI and machine learning for helping the generation of users and managing strategies for the next content. On the point, Adobe helps the business get a great impact from the data.


customer experience analytics tools: QualtricsXM


Get to Know About QualtricsXM

The genuine tool that can predict intelligence engines is Qualtrics CustomerXM. Basically, this tool is a bridge between the company and the customer, helping to understand the buyer’s experience with their product. Commonly, this analytic tool is used to analyze social media posts and comments and then analyze the data as a reference to improve the company’s strategy.

The other feature of this tool is that the team of a company can use omnichannel access to personalize interactions. And actually, this feature helps the company get detailed information about the customer’s insight into trends and patterns.


customer experience analytics tools: Zoho Desk


Benefits of Zoho Desk

The last of the top customer experience analytics tools is Zoho Desk. The benefit of Zoho Desk is that this tool is the best one that provides customer experience management solutions for customer service operations. Do you know if this tool helps with custom email templates, tabs, and form fields as a way to make contacting customers easy. 

This tool also offers three types of packages that you can buy as needed, such as the standard plan, the professional plan, and the top Zoho Desk plan. As information, this tool offers you a 15-days free trial for a chance to explore there.

FAQs about Customer Experience Analytics Tools

Which method is most effective when collecting customer data?

Easy! The essential method that businesses can use for measuring the quality of customer service is to do surveys. This idea really helps your company understand your customers directly. Then, to get various channels, initiate sharing different types of surveys as well.

Are customer experience analytics tools suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Definitely! For all sizes of businesses, these customer experience analytics tools are available. Did you know, there are a lot of tools that offer scalable solutions with specific features and pricing plans to meet the needs of different sizes of businesses.

How do businesses use customer experience analytics tools to improve their strategy?

So, after the businesses get information about analytic tools, usually the team will analyze customer data and identify it as their purpose, such as the trends that are happening to customers patterns that they are interested in and others. Then after that, the team will make decisions to optimize the products, services, marketing campaigns, and others.

So, there are recommendations for top customer experience analytics tools that are helpful for your business. For more information on providing for your business, let’s visit toolbert.